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Photovoltaic researchers support
​R&D, Report and Business development


Scholars Co., Ltd.

Scholars Co., Ltd.

R&D support, commissioned research, and new business development related to solar power generation and renewable energy

We provide core services.

A group of scholars who are mainly active university professors (part-time) from all over Japan who are active on the front lines,

Our major feature is that we work as a team to support our customers in solving their problems and creating new businesses.

Only with a contract with our company (one-stop),

R&D services are provided by a group of scholars with advanced expertise, not by competitors.

Scholars Co., Ltd. is a venture from Ritsumeikan University.


PhotoVoltaics Univ.

YouTube Channel: PV University

Explains science, economy, and future of solar cells.



Solutions provided by us

A team of top-level university professor-class experts in Japan

☆ Providing knowledge about basic technology and latest trends of photovoltaic power generation

☆ Proposal for high efficiency design and reliability improvement

☆ Interpretation of development data and proposals for problem solving

☆ Contract analysis of measurement data

☆ Technical advice for cutting-edge technology development

We will fully support our customers through R & D support services such as.

The team will work together to propose timely and high-level solutions to customer issues.

Solutions 01

Report on recent status of photovoltaics technologies

Solutions 02

Technical advice for cutting-edge technology development

Solutions 03

Interpreting data and proposing solutions to problems

Solutions 04

Commissioned analysis of measurement data

Through the above R&D support services,To overcome customer issues

Bringing together a team of expertsWe offer timely and high-quality solutions.

​Develop your businessWe will fully support you.


Our strength

​One-stop advanced R&D support

The people who are most familiar with the technical fields you develop should be the competitors in your business. Our team of experts is dominated by active university professors, who can provide top-level expertise and solution solutions without competition.

Our partner (technical advisor) will be a top-level university professor-class expert in Japan, and we will form a team, so we can provide advanced R & D support services with only one-stop contract between you and us.






Development of materials for solar cells

Service menu: 01 + 04


We are currently developing suitable materials (encapsulant, back sheet, surface protection sheet, etc.) for the new type of solar cells that have recently become a hot topic.

■ Details of support

We will form an optimal team of experts, provide information on the performance and durability of new solar cells, and present data under confidentiality to propose appropriate required specifications (drafts). I will.

(Service 01)

We can also make proposals such as setting up a forum for exchanging opinions with solar cell manufacturers who are in the process of development.

(Service 04)

Development of new solar cells

Service menu: 01 + 02 + 04


We want to secure core technology through in-house development, but we do not have enough manpower to obtain information on basic technology, the history of development, and trends in the latest research. Also, I would like to receive expert advice under closed confidentiality regarding the results obtained in-house.

■ Details of support

We will form an optimal team of experts and provide the necessary specialized information (basic technology, history, latest trends, etc.).

(Service 02)

In addition, by presenting data under confidentiality, we will provide professional technical advice such as data interpretation and problem solving proposals.

(Service 01)

Furthermore, it is also possible to set up a forum for exchanging opinions with people from companies and universities who want to cooperate as necessary, and to help start joint research (collaboration mediation).

(Service 04)

Analysis of PV system data, Device simulation

Service menu: 03

We have a large amount of solar power generation and environmental data in our company and want to analyze it, but we do not know the appropriate data processing method or lack manpower.

■ Details of support

We form an optimal team of experts to propose data processing methods, analyze data, and present interpretation of results based on our expert knowledge.

(Service 03) 

Preparation of technical materials, writing of papers, preparation of application forms

Service menu: 05


You want to create technical materials to appeal your company's technology outside the company, or you want to submit to an English-language journal to objectively prove your technical capabilities in order to obtain public funds.

It is necessary to carefully consider the story structure and create documents, but we do not have enough manpower, and I would like some kind of check on the writing style of the technical content.

■ Details of support

We will form an optimal team of experts, ask about the effectiveness and usefulness of the development technology, and dig deeper into its importance from multiple perspectives. On top of that, we will advise and assist in the creation of technical documents on the composition and style of writing.

(Service 05)

In addition, when submitting to an English-language journal, we will propose a suitable journal, advise on sentence structure and logical structure in English-language papers, and support English writing upon request.

(Service 05)

Furthermore, in the case of application forms for public funds, in addition to the technical content, we also provide advice on how to write the application form.

(Service 05).

Usual research and development site

Service menu: 06


Many developments can be completed in-house, but sometimes it takes time and effort to investigate on your own, but if you have the information at hand, you can find the answer in a short time with knowledge (development history, latest trends, etc.) I want to get easily.

In addition, solid technical literacy (technical grounding, appropriate use of technical terms, understanding of technology mechanisms, logical explanations of technology, etc.) is necessary not only for in-house technology development, but also for collaboration with other companies, external communication, etc. Since it is essential for technical appeals, I would like professional advice, even if it is only for a short period of time.

■ Details of support

Our technical advisors are well versed in not only technical terms in the relevant field such as photovoltaic power generation, but also the history and trends of development, operating mechanisms of photovoltaic cells, numerical data analysis methods, and physical property evaluation methods.

We provide professional advice in a timely manner, even remotely, through a web conferencing system (telephone or chat function on our website is also available upon request).

(Service 06)

From the following Contact form, please feel free to contact us!

Web conferencing system, by phone or email

If you tell us your requests and issues, we will propose a clue to the solution.

In addition to the above, we will provide services that make use of the attributes and characteristics of the scholarly group.

Can you do this? Please feel free to contact us if you have any requests.

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