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Company Profile

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Scholars Co., Ltd.

Representative Director Takashi Minemoto 

October 24, 2019


5-8-11 Himejima, Nishiyodogawa Ward, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture

1,000,000 yen 

  • R&D consulting

  • Commissioned research (survey/data analysis)

  • Bridging support for collaboration

  • Document preparation support


Greetings from the representative

Contribute to your R & D with a collection of highly academic expertise

At our company, university professor-level experts work as a team to support our customers. A group of scholars (= our company) who are experts who do not compete in business are the best for R & D support. We will contribute to our customers by forming a team with the expertise, communication skills, and enthusiasm.


Representative profile

代表取締役 峯元

Representative Director Takashi Minemoto

Born in Osaka. After obtaining his PhD in Ritsumeikan Univ. Japan, he studied thin-film solar cells at the Institute of Energy Conversion, University of Delaware. After returning to Japan, he started an outdoor evaluation of PV system. After 22 years of research on solar cells, he founded Scholars Co., Ltd. in October 2019.


(Technical Advisor)

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