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Scholars Co., Ltd. develops services centered on R&D support, commissioned research, and new business development related to solar power generation and renewable energy.

We propose timely and high-level solutions to overcome our customers' problems through R&D support services by a team of top-level university professor-class experts in the country.


Technical consulting

Visit / Web conference

Our team of experts (professor team) will visit you. We will ask our customers to explain the current status and issues of the developed technology, and provide interpretations of the issues and proposals for solutions, along with technical information in the relevant field. It is also possible to explain and provide information on the latest technology that incorporates the interpretation of a team of experts, and to introduce topics from domestic academic societies and international conferences.

In the case of a web conference that does not visit the customer, the customer is required to prepare a PC with a camera (notebook PC, etc.) connected to the web. Since it uses a high-quality web conferencing system (zoom, etc.), it has excellent voice clarity and operability such as PC screen sharing, and consulting similar to a visit is possible. Since it does not require movement, it is excellent in speed of schedule adjustment and cost performance.




Visit / Webinar

We visit our customers or provide seminars using a web conference system.

In-house training is also available.

Seminars on technical education close to basics and development (for example, from basic physical properties to operation principles, devices, etc.) and technology trends close to business (for example, from device fabrication processes to development trends in Japan and overseas, etc.) , also available in English.



Commissioned research

Survey report/data analysis

We will propose and create a research report on the latest technology and market trends in the technical area requested by the customer.

In addition, we will process and analyze data related to solar power generation and renewable energy owned by customers and create reports.



​Bridging for collaboration

Networking with companies, universities and research institutes

We will set up an opportunity for you to meet with the person in charge of the organization you want to collaborate with, and if requested, we will assist you in explaining your technical and business intentions to the candidate.

We can also propose a list of partners with whom we may collaborate in the technical and business areas requested by the customer.



Document prep.

Technical documents, papers, proposals

High level of expertise, logical composition and comprehension as text, such as technical materials for customers' internal and external use, papers (English and Japanese) for technical appeal, application forms and proposals for public fund acquisition, etc. We can help you create technical documentation where ease is all that matters.



Technical advisor

Accompanying R&D/business

We will closely accompany and support your research and business development. Instead of in-person visits, we provide advice using web conferencing systems.

We also serve as facilitators for brainstorming sessions on new developments and business ventures, and assist in the quantitative rationale and forecasting methods required when drafting business plans.

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